List of Contributors 2016-17

  Poetry “Curse Upon Myself” by Bruce McRae “Aria” by Janette Shafer “Fishbowl Daydream” by Drew Pisarra “Until Morning” by Philip Newton “Are You of My” by Ben Casey Spoken Word

A Curse Upon Myself

A Curse Upon Myself     May a tree grow from the roof of my mouth. Mice swim in my sink. My thumbs drop out.   May we marry your sister’s


Aria by Janette Schafer   I let your sheet music sit atop the Bechstein where you left it, one corner slightly raised where it rests on a champagne bottle made into

Fishbowl Daydream

Fishbowl Daydream Drew Pisarra   Can a dead goldfish still swim or does it drift around round abandoned castles and trailer park snails, simply out of habit…   And what of

Number 5

Number 5 Karlee Patton is a painter, poet, and mixed media artist from small town, Duryea, located in Northeastern Pennsylvania. She received her BA in Visual Art from Keystone College.  She was