time’s waltz

Author: Mandy Pennington Undergraduate Freshman at Greenville College 2nd place Live Arts Contest | Undergrad Poetry _________________________________________________________________________________________ time’s waltz hourglass beach sand trickling trickling like falling off a cliff the tiny


Author: Madeline Kohlberg Undergraduate Senior at Greenville College 1st place Live Arts Contest | Undergrad Poetry _________________________________________________________________________________________ Salted you feel as though you’ve lost it, lying on a bed of broken

Five Lessons J.R.R. Tolkien Taught Me about Fantasy Writing

Author: Paige Farnworth   _______________________________________________________________________ Anyone who knows me knows that J.R.R. Tolkien rocks my socks off. Author living or dead I’d most like to meet? Tolkien. Man whose writing I’d be

Writer’s Block: The Cause of Creative Constipation

Author: Andy Anderson Bio: Andy Anderson is a senior at Greenville College. He’s a double major in English and Communication, and has been the head content editor of The Scriblerus the last two

How NOT to Write Spoken Word Poetry

Author: Madeline Kohlberg Bio: Madeline Kohlberg is working on her first novel that didn’t transform into a short story, and has high hopes to be able to continue that trend up until its completion.


Author: Natalie Rae Mueller Grade: Freshman at Greenville College 1st place Live Arts Contest   Yellow They always paint nursing homes yellow. That yellow color of sunshine, or that new margerine