List of Contributors – Spring 2018

Visual Art “Bloom in the Mud” by Shaifali Johar “Studio Corners” by Xavier Ovidio “The Disfigured Confessions of Infastructure” by Brett Stout “Miniature Watercolor Tiger” by Rachel Beltz Poetry “Empty Caverns”

Regrets – Star LaBranche

Regrets   I run around like a wet dog, fur dripping with affection, no one wants to get close enough to me to pet me in my desperate bit for attention,

Studio Corners by Xavier Ovídio

Copyright 2018 Xavier Ovídio He is a visual artist that would like to submit a series of drawings entitled “Studio Corners”, about the emptiness of the studio and its work. The images

Bloom in Mud by Shaifali Johar

Copyright 2018 Shaifali Johar Shaifali Johar: Shaifali is working as an Associate Professor in Fine Arts at BBKDAV College for Women, Amritsar since 1999. She belongs to the city of the

As I Walked – Ken Tomaro

AS I WALKED The sun was humming through the clouds just enough that this particular morning felt brighter but still gray the snow was in piles touched with dirty footprints the

Empty Caverns – Katie Matz

Empty Caverns Why do you feel the desperate need to gouge and scrape at me until there’s no diamonds left not even a stone? Only black, cloudy, ash of sooty coal

When Life is Yaw by R.B. Frank

The weather is temperate by the coast. That makes for temperate days, temperate husbands, temperate friends. When her daughter calls and asks, how are things, she would say, “Life is yare.”

Miniature Watercolor Tiger by Rachel Beltz

Copyright 2018 Rachel Beltz My name is Rachel Beltz, I am 22 years old, and I am on a mission to make people stop and appreciate the “little” beautiful details of